Star Bios

"Let your light shine before others..." Matt. 5:16


To provide written expression of personal accomplishments, attributes, purpose, passion and aspirations uniquely through personal short biography, professional bios, character sketch essays, feature articles, resumes, blurbs and letters of recommendation.


Star Bios has the unique ability to reveal the light, power and strength in individuals through the written word by telling real life personal stories. Star Bios paint life portraits with words to project compelling positive images. Capturing and constructing narratives that shine, writers at Star Bios are gifted and hand picked with the ability to extract treasure from trauma, expose accomplishment, talent, skill sets and gifts. We specialize in brilliantly uncovering brilliance with a celebratory style of writing. Everyone has star light inside of them. Star Bios reveal the star in you.


Q: I would love to know more about the service you provide so I have clarity and utilizing your services.

A:  I primarily write Bios for people. I am a former columnist for the Telegram Newspaper out of River Rouge, Michigan and I loved writing feature stories about people and their accomplishments. I wrote many biographical essays and feature articles. What I like to do is merge a person's professional and personal attributes to paint a well rounded perspective of a person’s depth and diversity. I focus on the amazing and intriguing things and bring light to them.

I also write inspirational devotionals, professional letters, press releases, blog content, and other copy. As a former hospice chaplain, I made a living exploring life stories. My life’s work seems to revolved around ‘life stories.’ Everyone has an amazing story. I am an artist who tells a story on behalf of another to show their glorious attributes in a way that inspires readers. 

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